Building Inspections

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Building Inspections Division Responsibilities

The Building Inspections Division supports the mission of the Department of Planning and Community Development by providing services in the area of code interpretation and public information, plan review, permitting, inspections of permitted new construction/remodeling as well as of existing construction as needed, and maintenance of historical information.

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General Building Inspections Goals and Objectives

  1. Code Interpretation and Public Information.
  2. Act as a resource for building code requirements to the general public and to the development community.
  3. Provide assistance in the planning of new projects to ensure code compliance.
  4. Provide plan review by administering the building plan review process and coordinating with other divisions within the department and City to ensure building projects are undertaken in conjunction with all applicable codes and ordinances.
  5. Provide courteous and prompt processing of all relevant permit applications and to provide all other applicable City offices with information on permits issued as required.
  6. Provide prompt and courteous inspections and record-keeping of all permitted activities to ensure compliance with applicable codes and plans; to provide prompt and courteous inspections of existing construction when requested or when violations are endangering safety or health; and to provide information when necessary on corrective actions necessary for code compliance.
  7. Keep accurate records relating to construction projects to assist with research in determining whether applicable codes and regulations are being met.